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"The best way out is always through."

― Robert Frost

my approach to psychotherapy

I seek to connect to each person where they are at in life.

Taking a focused yet empathic approach, I emphasize understanding your unique life story and experiences. This is key to exploring what can be most valuable for you whether is it a change in your life direction or facing a life crisis.

I am pro-active in helping you reduce symptoms such as anxiety, panic, or depression by offering tools and practical skills that have been shown to make life more manageable and enjoyable.

Guiding people to connect to the deepest parts of themselves, I seek to connect people to their own strengths and gifts.

While offering tools to cope better with life's stresses and struggles, I assist you in exploring what is most important for you in your own life dreams, individuality and true self. My practice includes people from diverse cultures, spiritual paths and backgrounds.

Interactive Psychotherapy...

an interactive, collaborative, solution focused approach.

  • ACTIVE: Interactive psychotherapy means that I take an active approach with clients by asking clarifying questions, offering feedback and ideas to consider in addressing concerns, dilemmas, and life challenges.

  • PRACTICAL: While most people want a safe space to freely explore their emotions and life struggles they also want to hear what the therapist thinks and what practical ideas and suggestions that the therapist can offer.

  • SOLUTIONS: I take a collaborative approach, so that together, we can seek to solve problems and find solutions that make a real difference in your life.

  • INTEGRATIVE: I make use of the key approaches that are best suited for your situations and concerns, since there is no one size fits all treatment. An integrative approach offer a more complete strategy making use of the latest in scientific advances in the field. My major theoretical approaches draw from traditional psychodynamic and interpersonal approaches to provide the appropriate context for effective therapy but draw from more recent advances in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for practical tools and Existential techniques to provide the opportunity for transformation at a deeper level.

  • If you need additional services that I do not offer, I actively work with you to find those resources.

Psychotherapy Offices

Oakland on Piedmont Avenue

Pleasanton on Stoneridge Mall Road

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