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how psychotherapy works

"Freedom is our capacity to take a hand in our own development.

It is our capacity to mold ourselves."

― Rollo May

Have you faced traumatic life events or very difficult family, love, or work situations? Yet, there is a strong feeling deep inside that won't go away... that wants to make sense of these experiences and grow from them? You want real change that comes from deeply looking into what got you there and what can make a difference in getting to a new, better place in life.

Psychotherapy helps us face difficult life challenges, find hope where little existed, expand choices and options, and make important real life changes beyond superficial one size fits all fixes.

Therapy can help us explore what really matters in our lives and provides a tools to develop new insights, gain greater self-awareness and learn practical skills to live a more satisfying, manageable and meaningful life.

Rigorous scientific studies and my own clinical experience tells us that a trusting therapeutic relationship, client motivation to change and a strategic plan tailored to client needs and goals can result in significant progress and positive changes. 

  See APA myths and realities and APA Resources on what works in therapy.

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