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"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakes"

― Carl Jung

Interactive and Solution-focused

My style is warm, inviting and focused on goals that matter to you.

I seek to connect to each person where they are at in life.

I am a licensed psychologist with over 20 years experience practicing psychotherapy and counseling with individuals, couples and families.

You are invited you to explore this website to learn more about my approaches and how therapy can help.

Psychotherapy provides a private and confidential space to share and reflect on what matters most to you.

I have found that building trust and a safe place to explore oneself makes all the difference in making sense of one's life and making changes.

Therapy works best when it is tailored to each person's unique life situation and personal goals.

I take special care to find out where your life is stuck, what is working well, and where you want to go.

I take an interactive,

solution focused approach,

coming along side those seeking better and more fulfilling ways to live with an emphasis on what works...

Call for Phone Consultation

or Appointment


I would be glad to talk for awhile, find out more about you, and think objectively together about what would be some good options for you.

Pleasanton Office

5776 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 140

Oakland Office

4283 Piedmont Avenues, Suite H2

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